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Alt 27.08.08, 14:20
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Standard Any idea how to live in Germany?

I am from Asia. I probably will go to Germany for work. I don't speak German. Will it be easy to live in Germany for people who are from Asia? Will there be any culture conflicts? Anything I must know?

I am a php programmer. Icq: 66689248
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Alt 27.08.08, 14:29
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Hello Jesse,
do you know that this bulletin board ist for people having a heart ache? So I don't think, you will get the answers you wish, unless you would like to learn about relationships in Germany.
Maybe you should try this one:
It's for japanese livin in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. I think, you could find it helpful.
Best Regards
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Alt 27.08.08, 14:35
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Perhaps a good first step might be to learn a little bit german....

In Asia there must exist Göthe-Instituts where you can cat Informations and learn more about germany - if you haven't done yet, it could be useful to go contact one of theses institutes.

I would also advise you to look in internet communities for asian people living here in germany - especially students - because they know the important differences best (StudiVZ for example has a lot of student members) .

I myself can only say two things ad hoc - sanitation will be quiet different from what you are used to. And there are many foods having milk protein in it - so if you don't get along with this you should try to get literature about typical food and local dishes ....
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Alt 27.08.08, 14:56
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You wrote from London and in my opinion living is not so different there.

Why do you want to live in Germany? Do you want to work here? To study?

Best regards,
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